Comercial Video Electrónica, S.A.
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Sr Salvador Valero Sr Jorge Valero Sr Jaume Castello
Sr. Salvador Valero Moreno
Comercial Manager
Sr. Jorge Valero Moreno
Production Manager
Sr. Jaume Castelló Segura
Sales Manager
Sr Blas Canchal Sr Marc Valero  
Sr. Blas Canchal Quintela
Technical Manager
Sr. Marc Valero Castelló
Technical Departament
Covielsa (Comercial Video Electrónica S.A.) founded in 1984, has tried since de very begining to enter into a market as competitive as it is entertaining. Thanks to the quality of the product and to an human effort, Covielsa has managed to become one of the most productive companies in the sector nationally and internationally.

This firm, made up by a trained and dynamic team, adapts it self to the technological advances within de sector, providing and effective after-sales service, and logistic and commercial assistance at the moment of choosing one of its products.

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Comercial Video Electrónica, S.A.
Polígono Industrial el Segre Avda. Industria - Parcela 414 Nave 2
25191 Lleida (España)
Tel. 0034 973 21 01 01 - Fax. 0034 973 21 05 45

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