Whell a Win


Wheel A Win combines the simple gameplay of the most successful redemption game previously made, (the magical Cyclone) with the spin of a very attractive and mezmerizing inner wheel.

Like Cyclone the object for the players is to stop the light. but with "Wheel A Win" the object is to stop the light in the 'Spin Zone', and when this is achieved, the familiar music and voice play, and the inner wheel that you see in the picture is activated to spin on it's own and randomly stop on a number from 30 - 500 with whatever number it stops on being the number of tickets the player wins.

If the player misses the Spin Zone, and stops the light 1, 2, or 3 lights before of after it, they win an operator adjustable number of tickets, ensuring the player will always walk away with a minimum of 3 or 4 tickets. There are no limits to what Wheel A Win can do in your arcade or FEC.