Wacky Ducks



In markets all over the world, Wacky Ducks is quickly becoming the new 'Must Have Redemption Game for the 2000's !!!!

This 1 - 2 player coin op version of the world's most popular carnival game is already proving to be another fantastic earning skill redemption game from ICE Inc, the leaders in coin operated redemption games.

A combination of the flashy eye catching cabinet with a very simplistic gameplay make Wacky Ducks a winner for all ages, adults and kids alike love to hear the quacky little ducks whether their laughing at you for missing them or quackking at you for hitting them, the sounds alone will keep you coming back for more!!!!

This is a must have game for any redemption location and perfect for the little one's who have few games to chose from. One button and one hit is all it takes to be a winner on Wacky Ducks.

Completely operator adjustable for a percentage payout and also available is the "Mercy Ticket Option"!! All games come with 2 ticket dispensers.