Time Crisis 4


- The contemporary arcade sector’s most eagerly anticipated sequel retains its popular pedal and weapon interface, but elsewhere Namco’s TC4 is all evolution.

- Housed in updated Standard and Deluxe cabinet designs, TC4 features System Super 256 cinematic battle sequences, cut-scene and real-time graphics, independent speakers for voice and sound and an updated easy grip gun controller.

- The title also enjoys a new immersive, voice navigation system, which allows in-game characters to talk directly to the player, submerging them deep in TC4’s compelling storyline with advice on tactical response/weapon selection. That arsenal of weapons ranges from pistol to rifle to machine gun to awesome new bio weapon ‘The Terror Bite’. The TC4 experience is enhanced even further using, for the first time, Multi-Screen Battle technology: players can change their scene perspective by pointing their gun outside the monitor and develop their own unique, evolving strategy.