Reno Casino
  The machine is divided in two zones of game. In the inferior part, the “Base Game” by means of three conventional rollers is developed and in the superior part by means of TFT screen, the game of rollers with access is developed other additional ones.
Superior Game

The game multiline is developed solely in the TFT screen. In order to accede to the superior game Multilínes, it is necessary that the player has accumulated bonds.
Reno Casino Game

Reno Casino is an additional game that, to accede the player, from the inferior or superior game will have to be able to three cards central winner in line. Three games and three possible options of game appear, the player determines to what game wants to participate or to repeat, if it wishes it, he himself game once finalized.

The game begins presenting/displaying to the player two letters of different value. The objective of the game is to be able to add 21 approximately.
Roulette of Fortuna

The image of average roulette in the video screen appears to the player. The player must rotate the roulette pressing STARTING. The roulette turns, and will obtain the prize indicated in the square where it has stopped.
Dices of the Luck

The image of a board of game of dices in the video screen appears to the player. The player will have to send the dices when the machine indicates it pressing STARTING.